Types of teeth whitening and how they work

Daily oral hygiene is very important for health, but 2 out of 10 Spaniards do not brush their teeth with minimal frequency. It must be borne in mind that tobacco, certain foods and drinks make our smile lose its shine and spots appear. There are specialized toothpastes that can help keep white enamel for longer, […]

The visit to the dentist

First of all, children are not afraid of going to the dentist because they have not had any bad experiences. You as a parent can make sure that stays that way! Never speak of your own bad dental experience in front of your child. If your child is having difficulty brushing his teeth, you must […]

This is how you care for your teeth properly

You can win hearts with a radiant smile. It increases the sympathy factor immensely. A prerequisite for this, besides a balanced diet, of course, is that the teeth in the mouth are healthy and clean. Good daily dental care takes only a few minutes per day, yet it is often neglected too much or – […]

Time to brush your teeth

Since we are children we are being insisted on the importance of brushing our teeth. However, over time we lose good habits and make mistakes that can make oral hygiene is not entirely correct. Therefore, we would like to give you some keys to make a proper brushing. Choose the right toothbrush and paste: it […]

Tobacco, the great enemy of oral health

In relation to periodontal disease, although tobacco is not the cause, it is an aggravating factor, since its ability to alter the local defenses of the organism is known, facilitating the activity of the periodontal bacteria present in the mouth of the body. Patient susceptible to periodontitis. Scientific studies show that the smoker patient has […]

Tooth extraction

Why are the teeth extracted? The teeth are extracted for various reasons: Caries advanced deep into the tooth An infection has destroyed a significant portion of the tooth or surrounding bone In the mouth there is not enough space for all the teeth Many dentists recommend removing retained teeth that only partially erupted. Bacteria are […]

Trauma in the teeth

Falls are the main cause of dental trauma in children under five years, but it is from that age, product of games and sports accidents, that increase cases. In children, they are caused mostly by sports activities and by adolescents and young adults, by accidents and fights. Primary dentition Many parents think that an injury […]

Tricks and secrets of orthodontics for adults

With almost forty years, half-life with crooked teeth and several discomforts resulting from this bad position, I decided to follow trends and join the car of orthodontics in adults. My experience: more than positive. In almost a year I could boast of the smile I had always wanted, the discomfort was over and the best, […]

Tricks to have white teeth

To begin with, not everything is to go through the dentist. There are some homemade tricks to make your teeth look an immaculate white. Tricks to have white teeth Do your teeth lack brightness? Do you want to recover its whiteness? We give you the keys to a guaranteed perfect smile. What you should do […]

Types of periodontal diseases in children

It is commonly believed that periodontal diseases occur in adults, however, a large percentage of cases occur in the youngest. This is a review of these ailments in children. Aggressive periodontitis: it can affect young people who are otherwise totally healthy. Localized aggressive periodontitis is found in adolescents and young adults and mainly affects the […]