Make natural toothpaste with baking soda

Everyone learns the importance of brushing their teeth when they are a child. Although toothpaste is a staple of proper dental care, many brand names contain fluoride, colorants, preservatives, and sulfates. Making your own baking soda paste is an effective, healthy, simple and economical alternative to commercial dentifrices that are sold in supermarkets and pharmacies. […]

Late development of permanent teeth

Most children begin to develop permanent teeth or adult dentition between the ages of 6 and 7 years. The first 28 of these teeth usually end up dating at age 13. These include the four incisors, four canines, four lateral incisors, eight premolars and eight molars. The last teeth that develop are called wisdom teeth. […]

How to teach a child how to brush his teeth

Even if your dentist will give you the best tips and advice in this regard, we share some tips so you know how to stimulating the necessary coordination between eye, hand and toothbrush when a child is learning to brush their teeth. The first step we will take to stimulate the coordination between eye-hand-brush will […]

Perfect tooth brushing

Dental brushing is very important to maintain   proper oral hygiene. What is recommended by the  American Dental Association ( ADA  ) is to brush your teeth at least  2 times a day , using a soft bristle brush with a size and shape that suits your mouth to reach all areas easily. Toothbrushes have 3-4 […]

How to remove stains on teeth at home

The teeth are similar to porcelain and enamel. They are strong and robust, but over time and with repeated exposure, they absorb stains leading to discoloration. Stains on your teeth can cause you to feel less secure when you smile. While tooth whiteners and commercial spot removers are available at your dentist’s shop or office, […]