How to teach a child how to brush his teeth

Even if your dentist will give you the best tips and advice in this regard, we share some tips so you know how to stimulating the necessary coordination between eye, hand and toothbrush when a child is learning to brush their teeth. The first step we will take to stimulate the coordination between eye-hand-brush will […]

Perfect tooth brushing

Dental brushing is very important to maintain   proper oral hygiene. What is recommended by the  American Dental Association ( ADA  ) is to brush your teeth at least  2 times a day , using a soft bristle brush with a size and shape that suits your mouth to reach all areas easily. Toothbrushes have 3-4 […]

How to remove stains on teeth at home

The teeth are similar to porcelain and enamel. They are strong and robust, but over time and with repeated exposure, they absorb stains leading to discoloration. Stains on your teeth can cause you to feel less secure when you smile. While tooth whiteners and commercial spot removers are available at your dentist’s shop or office, […]

What is bruxism?

Currently in the busy modern life, is heard more often talk about bruxism, this is because that affects a large percentage of the population, a percentage that increases in people living in big cities. But really you know what bruxism is and what could be the causes? Then we’ll tell you more about this issue and we’ll […]

What is a dental x-ray?

Almost every time we go to the dentist they ask us to take a radiograph, and because these are an essential part in dentistry, allowing see in places where the human eye is unable to do so. We will tell you more about X-rays, the rates of these exist, and their uses are given in the […]

Gum disease

Many people are unaware that if caught early gum disease, this is totally reversible. On the other hand, is a more common than we all believe disease, such as gingivitis affects about 50% of adults. So if you are having symptoms, do not panic, because it is not a good periodontist disease or hygienist cannot handle. […]

Experience a root canal

It is normal to feel that you paralyze your hands when you know you have to call your dentist for a root canal, but really should not worry so much about the treatment, in fact, you’ll be much better if you perform the treatment immediately that if you let it be. When a tooth begins to […]

Bad breath: causes and some solutions

Studies indicate that one in five people believe that the breath is the most attractive quality in a person. The truth is that most of us have suffered bad breath occasionally, but really do we know what causes this condition? And more importantly, what can be done about it? In the next post we’ll tell you more […]