Perfect tooth brushing

Dental brushing is very important to maintain   proper oral hygiene. What is recommended by the  American Dental Association ( ADA  ) is to brush your teeth at least  2 times a day , using a soft bristle brush with a size and shape that suits your mouth to reach all areas easily. Toothbrushes have 3-4 months of life, or even less, as their wear will make it lose effectiveness for cleaning.

But not only must consider the proper use when brushing teeth “tools”, follow a  technique with which you can reach all areas of the mouth. It is recommended that the brush take an angle of 45 ° with respect to the teeth, making a horizontal movement that covers the entire tooth, both the external and internal. An unusual practice and above all very important is brushing the tongue, in order to eliminate bacteria and maintain a fresh breath.


Do not brushing your teeth just after finishing eating. This is because the only thing that will be done is to rub the acid, making it more intense and durable, because when you drink or eat something acid the pH of the mouth decreases and it takes about 30 minutes to normalize. It is much more effective to rinse with water after meals.

Other recommendations for maintaining proper oral hygiene are, for example: cleaning your teeth daily with floss as the bacteria that cause decay survive between your teeth. Also maintain a balanced diet by limiting snacks between meals. But, especially the essential recommendation is to visit the dentist frequently to perform checkups or oral cleaning. Watch your teeth and smile, they are for life.