Time to brush your teeth

Since we are children we are being insisted on the importance of brushing our teeth. However, over time we lose good habits and make mistakes that can make oral hygiene is not entirely correct. Therefore, we would like to give you some keys to make a proper brushing.

Choose the right toothbrush and paste: it will be our partner in one of the actions that we repeat most times throughout the day, so it is essential that it suits our needs and the size of our mouths. It is advisable to use brushes with bristles of medium or soft hardness since the rigid ones can damage both the enamel and the gums. Also keep in mind that the brushes with smaller heads help us to reach areas of difficult access. It is also important to choose the toothpaste that we are going to use and that it adapts to the sensitivity of our teeth to avoid problems of abrasion, irritation or low cleaning.

Brush between 2 and 3 times a day for 2 minutes: after each meal and before going to sleep we must clean our mouth to prevent the accumulation of debris or bacteria. We must dedicate between two and three minutes to the oral hygiene, one minute to each part (upper and lower) to make sure that we go through all the teeth. Doctors recommend that brushing be done half an hour after the ingestion of food or drinks to avoid damaging the enamel after the consumption of acidic foods.

Manual or electric brush: the advantage of using an electric brush is that fewer mistakes are made in brushing, although it is important to ensure the strength we use to avoid damaging the gums and to travel each of the teeth with the head rotary.

Cleaning from bottom to top. Inside and out: the direction of brushing should always go from the gum to the end of the tooth and not horizontally. If we talk about the upper part, we will do the cleaning from top to bottom and in the lower arch in the opposite direction. Also, remember that teeth have two faces and that both are equally important. So it is best to get in front of the mirror and make sure we pass the brush both on the outside and inside, as well as the area where chewing occurs to get the full cleaning of the mouth.

The tongue is part of the mouth: cleaning the tongue properly assures us to reduce the number of bacteria that remain in our mouth, in addition to eliminating the problems of bad breath. We recommend the use of a scraper from the back and to the tip, in addition to cleaning the sides in at least one of the daily brushes.

Interdental thread and brushes, inseparable companions: if we want to ensure a total cleansing of the mouth we can resort to the use of these two supplements. The floss will be passed through the spaces between the teeth and the gums in order to eliminate bacterial plaque. The interdental brushes must adapt to that space and slide smoothly. In the use of both supplements, you should not force your way between the teeth as we can cause damage to the gums.

Consultation with your specialist: if after these tips a question still arises, it is advisable to consult with the specialist to confirm both the techniques of brushing and the elements that best suit the needs of each person.