Tobacco, the great enemy of oral health

In relation to periodontal disease, although tobacco is not the cause, it is an aggravating factor, since its ability to alter the local defenses of the organism is known, facilitating the activity of the periodontal bacteria present in the mouth of the body. Patient susceptible to periodontitis.

Scientific studies show that the smoker patient has between 5-20 times more risk of suffering periodontal disease compared with non-smoking patients.

In addition, these patients are more resistant to conservative or surgical periodontal treatments, making the disease evolve with an increased risk of tooth loss.

Tobacco, cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco are one of the main causes of oral cancer. These products contain carcinogenic agents capable of altering cellular DNA. The risk of cancer of smoking patients multiplies with respect to non-smokers.

Regarding the electronic cigarette, although it is clear that it is less toxic than conventional tobacco, it is not innocuous and we still do not know many of the effects that can have. In the absence of combustion, and therefore not having carbon monoxide, many of the risks in relation to cancer will not have them, but we must not forget that among smokers who die from smoking, thirty percent do so because of cancer, but a sixty and a lot of cardiovascular problems associated with nicotine that are not avoided with the electronic cigarette.

The best thing is always to stop smoking, and if you try with the help of a health professional, for example a dentist, the chances of success are much higher.