Tricks and secrets of orthodontics for adults

With almost forty years, half-life with crooked teeth and several discomforts resulting from this bad position, I decided to follow trends and join the car of orthodontics in adults. My experience: more than positive.

In almost a year I could boast of the smile I had always wanted, the discomfort was over and the best, although it seems incredible, I took off 10 years off. As the treatment continued its course, I looked very well, with a more rested look. But when we finished, they made the final photos and compared them to the initial ones, that’s when I discovered why they looked so good.

In fact, there are many cases like Isabel’s, and they are, every day more, patients between the ages of thirty and sixty, who request information about orthodontics.

In the first place because now the denture is given the importance it deserves and, secondly, because there were those prolonged treatments of up to three and four years, with metal brackets, large and annoying, unthinkable for adults.

The orthodontics has advanced enough so that most treatments have a minimum duration of six months (in specific cases) to one year and, only for more complex cases, we would talk about 18 to 24 months.

On the other hand, the basis of the specialty is to correct dental malposition and possible malocclusions, in order to avoid mandibular pain, wear of the pieces and even loss of them, seeking a balance in the oral cavity.

And as a result of this correction we also get aligned teeth and subtle changes in the maxillary bone structure and the lower third of the face.

Optimal results

In the case of Isabel, who had a moderate dental malposition, the treatment needed to align the upper and lower arches, expanding them and thus obtaining space to locate the crowded teeth, therefore, her smile was enlarged, improving her facial structure, obtaining a “facelift” without surgery “. This happened in the case of Felipe M., although his case presented greater difficulty due to having a severe bone / tooth discrepancy, for this reason the duration of treatment was 18 months.